Hãna Maui

While you're here, we're taking you on a further journey to the real Hawai'i.

In 2019, Mani Brothers purchased Hotel Hãna, on the island of Maui. This 75-acre resort is steeped in history detailed by Derek Paiva of Hawaii Magazine below:


Before the advent of trans-Pacific passenger air travel and before there were world-renowned resort areas such as Waikiki (Oahu) or Wailea (Maui), before the Hawaiian Islands were a destination that worldly, moneyed travelers (who were the only travelers of the day, really) even recognized as desirable, there were hotels and resorts on the Hawaiian islands. Travaasa Hana Resort was amongst the first.

Hana Ranch owner Paul Fagan opened the Kauiki Inn in 1946—20 years after construction of the Hana Highway finally connected vehicular traffic between the remote east Maui sugar town of Hana with 52-miles-away Kahului—naming his six-room inn for the town’s landmark puu (hill).

The goal for the retired San Francisco entrepreneur was enticing visitors to the get-away-from-it-all charms of seaside Hana and lush acreage of his 45,000-acre ranch. He even constructed a grassy airfield nearby to attract wealthy travelers. When none of it proved a visitor draw, Fagan brought the San Francisco Seals minor-league baseball team he co-owned to Hana for 1947 spring training, also flying in a large group of prominent sports writers to stay at his inn. Enchanted, the writers sang the praises of “Heavenly Hana” and Kauiki Inn to the masses.

Visitors to the tropically landscaped, oceanview property increased enough to keep it solidly occupied, in the process lending the inn an air of exclusivity. Renamed the Hotel Hana Ranch and, more famously upon its addition of sea cottages and a property expansion, the Hotel Hana Maui, the hotel still retains a great deal of the Old Hawaii charm Fagan intended as Travaasa Hana Resort.*


As the #1 rated experiential resort in Hawaii, guests experience warm hospitality and beauty of place, and the comforts of everything you’ve come to expect from a Travaasa experience: our healing and pampering spa, authentic Hawaiian pursuits (lei making, ‘ukulele, snorkeling, throw net fishing, enjoying local gardens and guides who will share their knowledge of ecology and culture with you), a pool with an ocean view unlike any other, outdoor yoga — while you’re here, we’re taking you on a further journey to the real Hawai’i.

*This content was sourced from Derek Paiva at Hawaii Magazine (December 23, 2016).